Daddy’s little girl needs a sugar daddy when she “grows up”!




I live in a society where we reached a point of no return, when it comes to endless aspects of life.

I’m not the typical Lebanese gold-digging girl who goes out with highest bidder, I’ve been different since I was 2 years old. But as a 28 year old “adult”, I look around and feel like an outsider most of the time. What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with them? Who’s right and who’s wrong? Should i consider getting my first shot of botox now just to fit in? Umm-NO!

It’s a blessing to be born in a rich family, not that I know anything about that though. But why do girls grow up and turn into unproductive dependent slackers? Why do you need to be wearing your boobs out when you go out? Will you find prince charming that way? Will you reserve your place in his dirty mind and his fantasies if you look like a bimbo? What happened to natural beauty and educated women wanting to thrive in society on their own and build lives and not a legion of sugar daddies?

I am drawn to the conclusion that spoiled little brats grow up into becoming gold digging women with no interest in contributing to society, except when it comes to plastic surgeons and retail shops.

I don’t have one friend who looks like Maya Diab and for god’s sake if you do, stay away from me. I want to have an intellectual conversation about science, philosophy, politics, and I do NOT want to know how long it took you to get than tan and how well your nose healed after your latest “corrective rhinoplasty”- Yeah right.

Please do give your feedback about what I said, perhaps I’m mistaken.



7 thoughts on “Daddy’s little girl needs a sugar daddy when she “grows up”!

  1. Good one Ray! Let’s also not forget the educated girls who get lost in the crowd via peer pressure and end up looking like bimbos for no particular reason than wanting to fit in. A shout out to all women: maintain your dignity, depth and creativity throughout the chaos that we live in.

  2. It would certainly be a sign of shallowness to adjust and fit in within a shallow society; we only adjust at the cost of forfeiting our higher faculties, that which is more genuinely human in us. Most, of course, easily make that choice, sacrifice that which is best and most individual in them in order to acquire that which is most common, fit in, and be on the go—ready to be the not so brilliant version of the modern slave. It is always lovely to stumble upon people who don’t fit in the mold, although their fates are certainly not easy.

    Beauty is a light of the heart, and it seems to me that all these women and men are misguided. Not being aware of the life that dwells in them, they tend to dissipate and consume themselves in such ways, seeking to acquire artificially that which only their hearts can give. Better than our wrath, they deserve our pity.

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