The beginning of a funny era

It’s confession time.




Someone once mentioned to me that life in the 30’s is different. It’s something else. Like a switch in your head clicks, and you’ve finally thrown away all the mistakes and embarrassing phases of your life, down the drain, along with a whole bunch of people you no longer want around.

Well, my switch clicked, and things have never been the same in my head since. I no longer accept to be in mediocre situations, around mediocre friendships living  a mediocre life. I also developed an ability to make fun of myself and things that bother me, once you find humor in tough situations you’ve already won.

In an effort to become a less dramatic person than I was back in my  20’s, I’m going to be writing more comedy, based on certain situations, people, cultures in my Lebanese life and circle. I am calling the segment, ” Lebanese Perplexions”.

Stay tuned to this space as more funny stuff are coming your way.


Cold Truth


I wish can I be the work of art
that portrays the mystical beauty
of goddesses

I wish I can be the details brush stroke
that adds that extra touch
to your masterpiece

I wish I can be the perfect silhouette
whose outlines are the perfect fit
for your hands to rest on

I wish I can the vision of humanity
that ignites hope in the meek and dark
times of our era

I wish I can embody forgiveness
this rare jewel, that has lost
its efficacy

I wish I can attain perfection
WAIT..what is perfection?
Is it the one the dwells in the
protruding bones of
corpse like beauties in the media?

Is it the lush, stuffed in their
luscious lips? Is it the popularity
that so sadly pumps them
with a sick form of self worth?
Is it the number of sheep that follows
them blindly just to abide

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Standing alone
facing a raging storm
with tornadoes of hate
sweeping everything
that lit with hope

Standing alone
Your body flamed with courage
even when it rained insults
Your flame still burned with more passion
than ever

Standing alone, scanning the surroundings
all those supportive bodies that were once there
were stripped to their true ignorant nature
by the winds of truth

Standing alone, realizing
that not all were support
but they were just mere puppets
in a show

Now that the curtains are down
and the winds blew away that facade
that harnessed a skeleton of lies
Your world was better without them

Standing alone, knowing yourself
was like walking through a field of roses
The thorns made it a rough journey
but you were seduced by the beauty of those roses
that hover on top of all that thorny evil

Standing alone, in the middle of that rose field
You notice, the roses…

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We Remain Living

The Fickle Heartbeat


Shared by musingsbythebay.

Any type of change has the potential to be uncomfortable and even difficult, but a change in a relationship often triggers a suffering that is universal. We’ve all had romantic relationships that end in heartbreak, friendships that dissipate, loved ones whose lives end while we remain living.

We remain living.

During and after a loss of a relationship, life keeps on moving and sometimes we struggle to keep up. The grief of no longer having the person’s company, knowing that plans that you’d made before the loss will no longer manifest, the reality that someone in whom you found solace in is no longer available to you, these are all factors that you are left to confront.

I woke up several weeks ago to a couple of missed calls from a friend and a text that urged me to call back. When I did call…

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Those days where your thoughts go wandering
in the deepest darkest corners of your mind,
to excavate those memories, almost decomposed

It’s not you wanting them to do so,
They just have a mind of their own,
They have a plan and a map of your brain

Some days, they just awaken from their routine slumber
and carry that stupid map of your memories
embedded in certain neurons

Those neurons that you so likely wanted
to kill to the point of extinction
They go, they seek and they find them

Your brain, fights the urge, your brain sets obstacles
to keep them away from finding these memories
under superimposed layers of time
Your brain becomes cloudy, it wants to become blurry

These neurons harvest the past of YOU
Your time in a certain time,
They became richer, with what you fed them
even though at that time, they were like…

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The Dark Ages Ahead

It has been confirmed that Ectasy , LSD, Captagon, and other potent and hallucinogenic drugs have been circulating in and out of Syria for the past 3 years.

It must justify some of the gruesome behaviors and disgusting ways of killing people like worms, when ultimate freedom of killing and weapon logistics are provided to humans, along with the “right” hosting environment of altered states of mind, anything is possible. It might also justify the “cows must cover their titties” law they just came up with. Probably someone had some kind of trip on a cow and the cow spoke to him that she wants to convert to Islam? I’m really speechless here.

All part of a Zionist evil master plan to divide the Middle East into religious fanatic federal states fighting amongst each others,because all Arabs are good at, is killing each others while the big boys plant their claws right deep into our deserts, water wells, and souls..

Christians are either slaughtered or forced to leave to Europe and other countries while we, the moderate ones are left helpless in the face of never-before-seen hate from the International community.

How is it possible for the world to have changed so much since 2001? Since 9/11? Because that is when the new master plan was put in place. How can I think of even wanting to bring children into this world one day, when the world has become an open hell… In just 13 years, we are right back in the dark ages.

The world as we know it IS ending, a new world is being built right under our noses and there’s absolutely nothing we can do to change it. We need to accept this negativity, killing, and ugliness are a part of this new cruel world instead of hoping deep inside that this is just a phase the world is going through, because it’s not.

Lebanon is the last country on the list, and the dominos effect hasn’t reached us yet, for oh so many reasons.

Maybe this should drive us all to be humble, nicer,kinder, forgive ourselves and each others, let go of all things that are bad, appreciate our families and loved one more and not hold grudges and really just live well because that’s all there is to it.

Don’t blame people who are sharing videos, statuses, and pictures of what is going around the world, they’re scared, they’re confused, they want you to feel that there is something genuinely wrong with the world and it’s not such a pretty place anymore.

Maroun Baghdadi in the Limelight

Hummus For Thought


Maroun Baghdadi is arguably Lebanon’s greatest documentarian. His portrayal of everyday Lebanese during the 70s and 80s evokes haunting images of a nation of fractured identities. His movie “Beirut oh Beirut” was described by ArteEast as “perhaps the first real masterpiece of Lebanese cinema” and for good reasons. When it was shown at 1982 Cannes Film Festival, Baghdadi was praised by a prominent film critic saying “to make a film about Beirut that eschews polemics for more universal, more human issues is an achievement” (can’t find the source).

Maroun Baghdadi in the Limelight” is organized by The Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service (CCECS) and the Palestinian Cultural Club (PCC) at AUB, in collaboration with “Nadi Lekol el Nas”(Culture for Everyone) and MMKN organization.

The program will feature screenings of 3 of his documentaries, his bibliography as well as a photo gallery. You can…

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